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Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room

Jokes? Clues? Riddles? Puns ? = Laughter and Fun

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What is an Escape Room ?


Escape Rooms are a fantastic form of mind-bending entertainment for all ages!

While you’re in the room you need to find clues and solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes! 

Whether you’re a local, in search of a new and exciting Northeast Ohio adventure, a visiting tourist looking for a fun attraction, or even an employer looking for an exciting team building event for your employees.

This is a unique way for all types of groups to work together, helping them strengthen relationships and create new bonds.

Our themed puzzle rooms will be a blast for you, your friends and family! 

We’re proud to showcase our riddle and joke filled, creative, hilarious puzzle room.

Always a laugh in 

Never locked in

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Laundered Money

Ever wonder why Alliance is the Carnation City? Solve the who done it of Levi Lamborn and the missing money.



Think outside the box

Next room opening 2020

Chained Door

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