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NEW! Play our Jack-in-the-Box Escape Room!

Nov 2021- Online Games are currently Unavailable

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Our resident Game Master and prankster, The Wisecracker,

has created two unique escape rooms with a hilarious twist.


These funny and challenging escape rooms will make you

and your team laugh your pants off while you try and outsmart

the Wisecracker and his prank-filled rooms!


Can you and your friends solve the puzzles and beat the

Wisecracker at his own game before time runs out?

Our Escape Rooms

Laundered Money

'Cookie the Bookie' is running a secret business out of the local dry cleaners.

Can you and your team of detectives find all of the 'laundered' money and identify her accomplices before 60 minutes is up?

Immersive and Fun for All Ages!

Or read more here!


Jack-in-the-Box is taking revenge on

The Wisecracker and YOU!

Can you and your team free the Wisecracker and your toys before

they're shipped to Timbuktu?

Family-Friendly Pranks and Surprises!

Or read more here!

Guest Photos - Thanks for playing!

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Always a Laugh-in, never a lock-in.

Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room puts a light-hearted and funny twist

on the typically scary and intense 'locked-in' escape games.

You and your team are never truly locked in the room and your mission

is to solve the mystery at hand by finding the clues and solving the riddles.

Our rooms are full of puns, jokes, pranks, and hilarious props that are

appropriate for all ages and will make you and your team laugh your pants off

as you try to solve the puzzles and beat the Wisecracker at his own game.

Check out our blog and our YouTube Channel for tips and tricks  on

how to win an escape room game, how to build a team and assign player roles,

and how to have fun and play escape games effectively with children.

Wisecracker's word to the wise

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Having Fun in Alliance, Ohio

Whether you’re a local in search of a new and exciting adventure,

a visiting tourist looking for a fun attraction,

or an employer looking for an exciting team building event for your employees,

escape rooms are a unique way for all types of groups to work together,

helping them strengthen relationships and create new bonds.

For corporate bookings or bookings outside of our normal hours,

please call us at 330-596-1157

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