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Revitalizing Alliance, Ohio

  Sherry and Jay Groom are on a mission to revitalize the neighborhood of Alliance, Ohio.

  In 2013, Sherry and Jay opened the Troll Hole Museum to showcase Sherry's World Record Largest Troll Doll Collection.

  As the Troll Hole Museum gained popularity, the Grooms renovated the Come Visit Camelot building, opened Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room, and opened Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats, an immersive cat cafe and pet boutique, as well as renovating countless other buildings on Main St.

  In addition to opening family-friendly attractions on Main Street, Sherry is always actively pursuing opportunities to bring the community together. The Troll Hole hosts public events like scavenger hunts and family activities for the neighborhood children to enjoy!

Outdoor Art Installation1.jpg

    As a believer in the power of the arts, Sherry also founded Arts for Alzheimer's, a non-profit charity that works with creative minds to bring art to patients with Alzheimer's disease as art has been shown to improve the state of their mental health.

  Sherry also reached out to the local Summit Arts Academy to create an exciting new art installation, the ABCs of cats, around of the Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats patio. The beautiful installation showcases the many unique breeds of cats found all over the world!

  You can find murals all over Main Street depicting the rich history of The Crossings, Alliance, Ohio. Artists like David McDowell and Sudipta Dasgupta have contributed countless works of art to our neighborhood and we invite other local artists to collaborate with us on new and upcoming projects.

Alliance, Levi Lamborn Mural.jpg
Arts for Alzheimers Logo.jpg

  If you have an interest in helping us grow our community, please contact us with your information.

We are always looking for creative ideas, volunteers, artists.. anything we can get!


Local Partnerships

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The Troll Hole Museum

Relax and enjoy a guided tour through

The Troll Hole Museum, the home of the

Guinness World Record largest Troll collection.


Explore the legends, the myths, and the magic behind the Trolls we all know and love.

Take home a souvenir from the Troll Hole gift shop and visit the Grumpy Troll Cafe for a freshly brewed, handcrafted coffee, tea, or smoothie.

MDCC - IG Profile Pic.jpg

Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats

Come lounge with our resident cats at

Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats, a unique pet boutique and cat cafe.

Experience our immersive Jungle Room, Zen Bamboo Forest Cafe, and Outdoor patio and art installation. 

The kitties are friendly and warm!

Great for first experiences with cats and kittens.

Local Visitor Attractions

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