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Laundered Money

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Closed Mondays

Call For Availability

Tuesdays - Thursdays


Fridays - Sundays

12:30pm, 3:00pm, 5:30pm

Carnation Cleaners is run by none other than Cookie 'the Bookie'. Word on the street is Cookie's been washing money and hiding it at the cleaners.

You and your team of detectives must search the cleaners for the laundered money and information leading to the identities of her accomplices.

Can you and your team solve the mystery of the laundered money and find the location of a missing person before time runs out?


This joke-filled escape room will take you back in time as you solve the mysteries surrounding the missing money at the 1940's dry cleaner. An homage to the history of the town of Alliance, Ohio, this room is fun, challenging, and hilarious.


60-Minute Escape Room

Groups of 2 to 8

$25 Per Player


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