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Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room

Challenge yourself to one of

The Wisecracker's hilarious escape room games.

Room #1:
"Laundered Money" Comedy Escape Room.

Can you and your team find the laundered money before 60 minutes is up?

Room #2:
"Jack-in-the-Box" Comedy Escape Room.

Can you and your team free The Wisecracker and your toys before 60 minutes is up?

Troll Hole - FB Profile Pic 1.jpg

A Unique Adventure on Main Street

Take advantage of all there is to do on Main Street!

Choose a combination of any of our family-friendly activities:

The Troll Hole Museum

Relax and enjoy a guided tour through

The Troll Hole Museum, the home of the

Guinness World Record largest Troll collection.


Explore the legends, the myths, and the magic behind the Trolls we all know and love.

Take home a souvenir from the Troll Hole gift shop and visit the Grumpy Troll Cafe for a freshly brewed, handcrafted coffee, tea, or smoothie.

Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats

Come lounge with our resident cats at

Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats, a unique pet boutique and cat cafe.

Experience our immersive Jungle Room, Zen Bamboo Forest Cafe, and Outdoor patio and art installation. 

The kitties are friendly and warm!

Great for first experiences with cats and kittens.

MDCC - IG Profile Pic.jpg

60-min game for 2 players

Challenge yourself and a friend to one of

The Wisecracker's hilarious escape room games.

60-min game for 5 players

Save $25 when you buy 5 player admissions

to one of The Wisecracker's hilarious escape games.

117 East Main Street, Alliance, Ohio

For more information, please call  (330)596-1157 

Tuesdays-Thursdays  5:00pm-7:00pm

Fridays-Sundays 11:00am-8:00pm 

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