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Check out our listing at Live Video Escape Rooms

Wisecracks Comedy Escape Rooms is pleased to be listed at Live Video Escape Rooms

Wisecracks has just been added to the listing at Live Video Escape Rooms. We are proud to be included and join the many virtual games employing Telescape Live (Advanced Inventory System) by Thomas Parslow.

Bust out of lockdown with online Escape Rooms launches to showcase world’s online Escape Rooms

Fed up of virtual happy hour? Switch it up and play an Escape Room from the comfort of your own home.

Escape Room software company Buzzshot has produced an online hub, called Live Video Escape Rooms, to showcase a whole host of live video experiences for people to enjoy from home.

From uncovering the secrets of a long-lost relative to journeying to the depths of the Pacific ocean, Live Video Escape Rooms allows users to guide a host - via live video - to explore, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. And there’s no need for friends to miss out - players can join from multiple homes via video links.

“With the COVID-19 crisis the whole industry has been suffering along with many of my customers,” said Buzzshot founder Thomas Parslow. “This is my way of doing something positive to help a new trend I think could provide support for many struggling Escape Room companies and much needed entertainment - plus a cure for social isolation for many bored Escape Room fans.”

Live Video Escape Rooms features rooms from all over the world. Cost and number of players varies per game. To access the directory, visit

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117 East Main Street, Alliance, Ohio

For more information, please call  (330)596-1157 

Tuesdays-Thursdays  5:00pm-7:00pm

Fridays-Sundays 11:00am-8:00pm 

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