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Escape the Winter Blues

Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room (330) 596-1157 || 117 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601

#SupportSmallBusiness Show your support for Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room and other small businesses this Holiday Season by purchasing Gift Certificates and Souvenirs from our website. Browse our selection of Escape Games by Clicking Here or BUY TICKETS ONLINE.

Jack-in-the-Box has decided to get his revenge on his brother, The Wisecracker, and on you! Jack has locked The Wisecracker up in a cabinet and all of your toys have been crammed into boxes. Can you and your team free The Wisecracker and all of your toys before the delivery man arrives to take them all away? This room is filled with vintage toys, challenging riddles and puzzles, and pranks to keep you laughing and on your toes as you solve Jack’s plans to box you in! Book a Virtual Game | Buy a Gift Certificate

The Wisecracker is at it again! These funny and challenging rooms will make you laugh your pants off! Can you and your friends solve the puzzles before time runs out?

Treat yourself and your friends to a fun and unique experience this winter and save money while doing it with our Winter Special!

Buy 3 Player Admissions and get a 4th Player Admission for FREE. Includes (1) 60-Minute Escape Room Game for 4 players. - No Refunds, Unlimited Reschedules - Redeemable for an In-Person or Virtual Game

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm Friday-Sunday 11:00am-8:00pm Closed Monday Call for Availability Outside of Regular Hours More Escape Games Jack-in-the-Box (Virtual) Play the Jack-in-the-Box Escape Room with your friends ONLINE! Laundering Money Find the laundered money and the location of a missing person!

Partnerships and Friends in Alliance, OH

The team that brought the Guinness World Record largest Troll collection to Downtown Alliance has opened the first escape room in Alliance, Ohio. Groom Family Investments, Inc are on a mission to revitalize the neighborhood of downtown Alliance by restoring historic buildings on East Main Street and opening art exhibits and tourist attractions. Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room is one of the newest attractions on the growing list of tourist destinations on Main Street which includes the Troll Hole Museum, the Feline Historical Society and Museum, Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats, Jupiter Studios, and the Camelot Project. Escape rooms combine a fun and exciting social activity for friends, family, or co-workers with challenging puzzles and captivating storylines, immersing players in what feels like a Hollywood mystery blockbuster. Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room adds a twist to the typically frightening 'locked-in' games by providing funny backstories, endless puns and jokes, and hilarious props to the puzzle rooms. The Grooms have also incorporated elements of Alliance history into their escape rooms, including an immersive story about a missing Levi Lamborn and 'laundered' money at Carnation Cleaners. Wisecracks inhabits the old Richard's Washerette, the longest running launderette in Alliance, open from 1933 to 2017. The antique laundry equipment is seamlessly incorporated into the games, taking players back in time by a few decades when they step into the 'Laundering Money' puzzle room. To book a game, call Wisecracks at (330) 596-1157 or book easily online at If you would like information on how to support the revitalization of Historic Downtown Alliance, please contact Sherry Groom by phone at (330) 596-1157 or by email at

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Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room 117 E Main Street, Alliance, Ohio 44601 To Book Call (330)596-1157 or Book Online at

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