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Escape Room Problem-solving

Escape rooms test the problem-solving, lateral thinking, and teamwork skills of its participants by providing a variety of puzzles and challenges that unlock access to new areas in the game when solved.

Escape room puzzles could include word, number, and symbol puzzles such as substitution cyphers, riddles, crosswords, Sudoku, word search, and mathematics.

Puzzles involving physical objects such as jigsaw puzzle, matchstick puzzle, and chess; and physical activity such as searching for a hidden physical object, assembling an object, navigating mazes, or undoing a rope knot.

An example of an escape room puzzle would be placing a code on a spinning fan so that it can only be read using a stroboscope in the dark. Therefore, players have to turn off the light, turn on the stroboscope, notice the spinning fan, read the code and apply it later in the game.

Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room currently offers two games Laundering Money, and Jack-In-The-Box. Jack-In-The-Box can be played either in person or online. we are working on our third game, more about this will be covered at a later date.

We are also partnered with The Troll Hole Museum and Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats all located within a short distance from each other. Plan a day trip to Alliance Ohio and visit all three.

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