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What are Live Video Escape Rooms?

Live Video Escape Rooms are a new way to play Escape Rooms with your friends from the comfort and safety of your own home. Guide a host via live video to explore, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. Gather a team as your friends join via video link from their homes.

There are various types of live video escape room and the genre is constantly evolving as it grows. Some are an extension of the traditional escape room with a host and a handheld camera acting as your avatar, moving through the room on your behalf, following your instructions in order to solve puzzles. Others are similar to role playing experiences and your host guides you through a story (often with visual aids) in order to solve puzzles. Puzzle boxes are a blend of these two approaches: you guide your host through opening and exploring a box full of puzzles, usually with a story or mystery that connects the puzzles.

How does it work?

For all game types you'll usually book the game in advance and be sent an invite link—use this to join the video cha. Check the email you were sent for advice but it's often recommended to join the video stream 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time. You may even want to click the link as soon as you get it to check if you need to download any software to view it. The most common software used for video streaming is Zoom but some will use Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video or even Facebook Video. Most are best used from a computer or laptop but will work from a phone if you don't have anything else.

How do I book a game?

Find a game you like the sound of on this website then click the "Book Now" button to be taken to game provider's booking page. Most will let you book and pay online. Once you have booked you'll be sent instructions on how to join the game. Be sure to tell them we sent you!

Can I play with my friends?

Yes! Social distancing doesn't need to mean you can't still solve Escape Rooms with your friends. Get your team (virtually) together with everyone joining via video chat from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

How many people can play at once?

This might vary by game but there's not usually a limit. As many people as you want can join the video chat and play but you might find things get a little hectic if you have too many. A team size of 3-6 is probably sensible unless you're all very good at taking turns to speak on video chat.

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